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Installers and Technicians need to be prepared when they are onsite at a customer’s facility. Keeping essential lubricants on hand and ready to go is a sure way to make the visit go smoothly. Haynes® has the right lubricant to keep the equipment running. Haynes®Lubricants are NSF Registered H1/3H as well as being Kosher/Halal Certified
Every tool box needs a jar of Haynes® Anti-Seize. This multi-purpose grease can assist with the assembly of nuts, bolts, screws, fitting and pipes in record time. It also prevents rust and corrosion and resists water/chemical washout. Haynes® Anti-Seize lubricates and protects bearings, gears and other moving parts exposed to high temperatures up to 475ºF. Click here for more information.

We also manufacture a variety of 1oz tubes for gaskets, orings, and seals. Installers/Technicians will be ready for any situation with these convenient reusable tubes.
  • Haynes® CIP-Film – Preserves rubber, compatible with buna/nitrile, and washes off easily at 120°F.
  • Haynes® Lubri-Film – Preserves rubber, compatible with buna/nitrile, and washes off at 210°F. Stays on the application longer than Haynes CIP Film. Makes assembly and breakdown a breeze; it will remain on the application from start to finish. Perfect grease for Nitral (Buna-N), Viton, and Teflon gaskets and seals.
  • Haynes® Silicone Grease – Preserves rubber and is compatible with almost all orings/seal material. Ideal for EPDM as well as other elastomers. It washes off at 400°F. This grease can also be used as a dielectic grease to protect electric connections from water.
Is 1oz too much? We also have single-use packets available too. Reach out to your Haynes Sales Representative today to receive more pricing and information.