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Ice Cream Season Essentials – Haynes® Lubricants for the Equipment

Ice cream season is here! Now is the time to stock up on needed supplies for the season.

Haynes® manufactures a full line of food-grade lubricants including two lubricants that are typically used in the ice cream industry; Haynes® Lubri-Film Plus and Haynes® Spray.

Haynes® Lubri-Film Plus is a heavy duty grease for batch freezers, soft serve machines, slush machines as well as a variety of other foodservice equipment.  This grease will not dry or gum up on the equipment making it a breeze to clean off. Common applications include gaskets, seals, orings, air orifice, mix-feed tube, draw valves, valve seals, prime plus on freezer door, shafts.

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Installers and Technicians need to be prepared when they are onsite at a customer’s facility. Keeping essential lubricants on hand and ready to go is a sure way to make the visit go smoothly. Haynes® has the right lubricant to keep the equipment running. Haynes®Lubricants are NSF Registered H1/3H as well as being Kosher/Halal Certified
Every tool box needs a jar of Haynes® Anti-Seize. This multi-purpose grease can assist with the assembly of nuts, bolts, screws, fitting and pipes in record time. It also prevents rust and corrosion and resists water/chemical washout. Haynes® Anti-Seize lubricates and protects bearings, gears and other moving parts exposed to high temperatures up to 475ºF. Click here for more information.


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Haynes® will showcase their complete line of sanitary food-grade lubricants at ProFood Tech in Chicago, IL.  The dates of the show are March 26-28, 2019.

Haynes® will be one of 400 vendors exhibiting at at this bi-annual show. Powered by PACK EXPO, Anuga and the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), ProFood Tech is the premier food and beverage processing event in North America.  7000+ visitors are expected to attend this year’s show.  Add ProFood Tech 2019 to your schedule today. Stop by Haynes® Booth #506 and tell us about your lubrication needs.  Haynes® Lubrication Specialist will recommend the right product to fit your application. Mention that you saw this post and you will receive a free gift just for stopping by.  Click here to be a Haynes VIP and receive free registration to the show.

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The 2018/2019 WBENC and Kosher Certificate are now available. If you have not received your updated certificate by this time please contact us. You can also choose to download it directly from the WBENC Certificate and Kosher Certificate.
We do maintain a list of companies that would like to receive an updated certificate as soon as they are issued. If you would like to be added to this list email Please let us know if you would like the Halal, Kosher, WBENC or a combination of the certificates.


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As fall approaches you can feel the change in the air.  This is a perfect time to change up your lubrication program to ensure maximum efficiency.  Looking for a light duty multi functional oil?  Haynes Oil (Spray) is suited to keep the equipment moving effectively in the plant.

Haynes® Spray is a versatile light-duty lubricant that can be used on all types of food processing equipment. Haynes® Spray is absolutely neutral and will not dry or gum up on the equipment. You can rest assured this food grade oil will not turn rancid, contaminate, or taint food products. Haynes® Spray is odorless, tasteless, colorless, and non-toxic.

Haynes® Oil minimize cleanup time and keeps food processing equipment running more efficiently. This versatile lubricant is NSF rated H1 for incidental food contact as well as being rated 3H for direct contact. Haynes® Spray and Oil are acceptable as a release agent on grills, ovens, loaf pans, boning benches, chopping boards, molds, or other hard surfaces in contact with food products to prevent food from adhering during processing.