Are water, contaminants, and steam wreaking havoc on your bearings? Haynes® 500 Plus is the solution to save you time and money from bearing failure.

Haynes® 500 Plus is designed specifically to reduce friction and wear in high-speed bearings. The Haynes® 500 Plus has a high drop point, which extends your lubrication intervals and extends the lubricant’s performance in higher temperature applications.

Haynes® 500 Plus is compatible with virtually all elastomers. Haynes® 500 Plus is specially formulated with a high drop point (500 degrees). This powerful lubricant is ideally suited for the higher and lower temperature extremes that are common in a food processing and will also significantly reduce lubrication intervals by adhering to the bearing despite contaminants in the manufacturing environment; water, washout, steam, chemical attack or other contaminants, thus extending lubrication life.

Haynes® 500 Plus has superior properties and performs exceptionally well in extreme conditions and surpasses most lubricants when put to the test. Haynes® 500 Plus synthetic grease is packaged in convenient 12oz cartridges, 11.25oz aerosol cans, pails, and drums.

Common applications include bearings, ovens, packings, universal joints, high load bearing equipment, plug valves, ball joints, positive pumps, valves, and meat processing equipment.

For more than 84 years Haynes® has been providing food manufacturers with customized solutions to their lubrication needs. Our dedicated associates provide unmatched customer service and quality lubricants that surpass required standards for the food processing/service industry. All standard stock items ship within 24 hours.