Westlake, OH…Haynes®, manufacturer of Haynes Lubri-Film Plus, an NSF approved food-grade lubricant, is heralded by equine dentists as the most effective lubricant for power instruments. The Haynes® product is highly water-proof, guarding the mechanics of the instrument from water seepage during treatment. Lubri-Film Plus is also FDA approved and known to eliminate the risk of gastrointestinal problems in horses due to incidental ingestion.

“Our equipment is used by equine dentists 43 countries throughout the world,” stated John Depietro, inventor of Horsepower’s innovative power dental instruments. “We recommend Haynes Lubri-Film Plus with every unit we sell. The Haynes lubricant keeps our equipment running cooler and it’s extremely water-proof. In my experience, there’s nothing else like it. Haynes Lubri-Film Plus is food-grade, so it doesn’t make the horses sick, which is a big concern for most horse owners.” John “Big John” Depietro has trained cutting horses for 26 years and has been an equine dentist since 1963.

The introduction of power equipment to the equine dental industry has allowed practitioners to address dental procedures with reduced time of sedation and minimal tissue damage. Lubri-Film Plus is a heavy duty sanitary lubricant designed for extended use, reducing downtime for lubrication and ensuring optimal performance.

“My power equipment is in and out of water all day,” commented Kara Muchow, Certified Equine Dentist in the Great Lakes Region serving Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. “Haynes Lubri-Film Plus pushes the water and debris out of the equipment in one easy motion. It helps everything to run clean and last longer.”

Haynes Lubri-Film Plus is FDA approved and authorized NSF rated H1 for use in food processing plants for incidental food contact. Haynes Lubri-Film Plus is colorless, odorless and tasteless. It will not dry or gum on the equipment and is highly resistant to separation or bleed. The water-proof properties of the Haynes lubricant make it an ideal choice for use in equine dental power equipment.

Haynes Lubri-Film Plus is available in two different sizes; 1 oz tube and 4 oz tube. Labeling includes multi-language instruction in English, French, Spanish and German.