Installers and Technicians need to be prepared when they are onsite at a customer’s facility. Keeping essential lubricants on hand and ready to go is a sure way to make the visit go smoothly. Haynes® has the right lubricant to keep the equipment running. Haynes®Lubricants are NSF Registered H1 as well as being Kosher and Halal Certified
Haynes Tool Box Kit includes a 2oz container of Haynes Anti-Seize, 5/1oz tubes of Haynes CIP-Film, 5/1oz tubes of Haynes Silicone Grease, 1/2oz Haynes Vegetal-Film, and 5/.50 ounce single-use containers of Haynes Oil. These items can also be bought separately at a later time to refill the kit.

  • Haynes® CIP-Film – Preserves rubber, compatible with buna/nitrile, and washes off easily at 120°F. Use as an assembly grease for pumps and valves.
  • Haynes® Silicone Grease – Preserves rubber and is compatible with virtually all orings/seal material. Ideal for EPDM as well as other elastomers. It washes off at 400°F. This grease can also be used as a dielectric grease to protect electric connections from water.
  • Haynes® Anti-Seize – Multi-purpose grease used on variety of application in and around the food processing area. Provides maximum lubrication up to 475°F. Ideal for conveyors, bearings, nuts, bolts, screws, and packaging equipment.
  • Haynes® Oil – Light duty oil that is NSF registered for both direct and indirect contact (3H/H1). Used to prevent sticking on transfer chutes and molds. Ideally suited for the moving parts on food processing equipment both in an around the food processing area. Spray on pistons, chains, mandrels, valve stems, and guide rails. Keeps everything running smoothly.
  • Haynes Vegetal-Film – The newest addition to the Haynes Product Line. This product is NSF 3H/H1 for both direct and indirect product contact. Haynes Vegetal-Film is also biodegradable, has excellent lubricity and is petroleum-free

Haynes Tool Box Kits can be purchased online or through a Haynes Distributor. Email us at sales@haynesmfg.com if you would like the information for your nearest Haynes Distributor.