The weather is heating up and so is your processing equipment. Avoid inefficiency with Haynes® Silicone Grease, a sanitary, non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless food-grade grease that can be used on a variety of application in food and pharmaceutical plants where incidental food contact may occur.

This grease is specifically formulated with the highest quality silicone fluid and additives to meet the unique demands placed on all types of food processing equipment. Haynes® Silicone Grease is inert and will resist many chemicals. Only the minimum amount of lubricant is required to accomplish the technical effect on equipment, allowing this grease to be both effective and cost-efficient.

Especially developed for lubrication of valves and equipment containing EPDM seals where grease compatibility is a concern, it will prevent valves and o-rings from sticking in both high temperature and low temperature (freezing) conditions. Haynes® Silicone Grease can also be used in high vacuum or pressure systems to seal synthetic rubber and plastic parts that come in contact with metal. Other common applications include flow meters, gaskets, electrical connectors, and dielectric grease.

Haynes® Silicone Grease is available in 6 g, 1oz., or 4 oz. tubes and 1 lb containers, pails, and drums. Give us a call at (440) 871-2188 to speak to one of our lubricant specialist and secure your order for the Haynes® Silicone Grease and other Haynes® products.

For more than 81 years Haynes® has been providing food manufacturers with customized solutions to their lubrication needs. Our dedicated associates provide unmatched customer service and quality lubricants that surpass required standards for the food processing/service industry. All standard stock items ship within 24 hours.