Ice cream season is here! Now is the time to stock up on needed supplies for the season. Treat your equipment right all season long by using Haynes Lubricants.

Haynes® manufactures a full line of food-grade lubricants including two lubricants that every ice cream store should have on hand; Haynes® Lubri-Film Plus and Haynes® Spray.

Haynes® Lubri-Film Plus is a heavy duty grease for batch freezers, soft serve machines, slush machines as well as a variety of other foodservice equipment. This grease will not dry or gum up on the equipment making it a breeze to clean off. Common applications include gaskets, seals, orings, air orifice, mix-feed tube, draw valves, valve seals, prime plus on freezer door, shafts. Packaged in single-use packets, 1oz tubes, 4oz tubes, and pails.

Haynes® Spray is a light-duty oil used anywhere a light-duty oil is required in and around food processing areas. This sanitary oil is odorless, tasteless, colorless and non-toxic. Common application includes mold release for the frozen treats, wheels, hinges, slides, pumps, slicers, or any moving part to protect against wear. Haynes Spray is packaged in aerosol cans, single-use packets, 2.5 gallon pour containers, and drums. Perfect to use in and around any food prep/processing areas.

Both lubricants are Kosher and Halal Certified. Haynes Spray is NSF rated H1/3H. Haynes Lubri-Film Plus is rated H1.

For more than 84 years Haynes® has been providing food service establishments with customized solutions to their lubrication needs. Our dedicated associates provide unmatched customer service and quality lubricants that surpass required standards for the food processing/service industry. All standard stock items ship within 24 hours. All of our food grade lubricants are sold by the single unit or case quantities. No order is too small. Not currently using Haynes products? Call us for a free trial sample.