Haynes Anti-Seize – 7 oz. Can


Haynes Anti-Seize is a multi-purpose white food-grade grease lubricant with PTFE for a variety of applications in the plant. This product contains one 8 oz. brush-top lid container.

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Haynes Anti-Seize provides maximum lubrication up to 475°F (246°C). It prevents rust and corrosion and resists water/chemical washout. Haynes Anti-Seize is suitable for pipe threads used with potable water and will not impart an odor or taste. The grease provides a seal against entrance of liquids in slow speed or highly loaded bearings. Common applications include; nuts, bolts, screws, pipe fittings, stainless steel fittings, valve stems and assemblies, pump gears, chain drives, gaskets, press fit assemblies, conveyor and oven bearings, packaging machinery, worm gears, and slow speed or highly load bearings <500 rpm. Haynes Anti-Seize is NSF rated H1 and made from ingredients that are FDA approved.

Haynes Anti-Seize is virtually odorless, tasteless, and colorless. Technical data includes a dropping point of >450°F (232°C) [ASTM D2265]; four ball wear test 43.7 (ASTM D-2596); water washout, % loss @ 175°F (79°C) <5 (ASTM D-1264); and Timken OK load, lb. 40 (D2509). More technical information can be provided upon request. Haynes Anti-Seize is available in different size packaging which is available upon request. Labeling includes multi-language instructions in Spanish and English.

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